Monday, July 28, 2008

Word Power

First of it's the name of one of the illest albums of all time (Word Power that is). Secondly in the beginning was the word, made flesh, made fresh. From the Griot to the Tlatoani from Gematria to Abjad numerals it's always been known that there is power in the written and spoken word. So poet and poet neonates out there who constantly 'down English as a bastard language' get your weight up. No language is perfect yet man and woman are. Therefore we perfect language. English is beautiful when you rock it right. Get your creativity on the next level. Realize that the bulk of the vocab comes from other languages woolof, nauhuatl, taino, various native nations, etc. Love the way so called foreign folk sprinkle spicy accents on them. Love the way that the body is thrown into it. Love the way we take it all and make it our own thing.

So I have three ways that you can manipulate language through new classes of vocab and words. The dictionary doesn't make words. We put words in the dictionary.




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