Thursday, July 03, 2008

A wholistic view

Peace. Understanding is to be able to ascribe (look that fresh word up, value and purpose. Many people use the word so casually and you can see that their own life, in terms of relating to the very things they say that they understand, are absent of meaning, value, and purpose.

In this Nation we do not utilize the word "overstanding". We recognize its origin in Rastafarian lingo and being popularized by Dr. York's people yet we don't roll with it.

When you deal with Understanding you are getting UNDER the surface. You aren't taking things at face value. You are getting to the UNDERlying principles.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of....

You can't give a person Understanding. All you can give is time.

Understanding is to see how things are related. I see particles from my childhood meshing with low key relationships with various friends interacting with one time meetings. I am seeing how that all churns together in a pot of imagination, dreams and plans. Always plans.

I have a 'knack' to see order even when there is chaos. I go into a messy environment and clean it in record time. I draw up a plan from apparent disastrous conditions to an oasis on the other side. Many are amazed by it.

The name I drew up for myself in part is C'BS which translates to the all eye seeing. I have an holistic view of reality. Some go for the gusto and I go for the Understanding. I like to bring it all together.

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