Friday, July 25, 2008

Who made the holy koran (history)?

Well, the Original Man been making headlines in history since the beginning of recorded history. He sets the trend. Alot of those religious books are approximations written about how we laid it down (and still doing it son). I know in Western Culture (being that we were overly effected by the slave trade) the focus is on the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition yet take some time to extract the best part out of some other tomes. Yet remember, take sh*t out..don't you take yourself back into the realm of religion.

The Zend Avesta
Remember that the other man first hit Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan when he came out of the caves. Now go and read.

Popol Voh
You need to be up what the Meso-American Empire was recording. What did they preserve?

What happened between aprox 60 years ago and when the Prophet came to D'Mecca in 1930? Read up

That's some of my own 104 list.


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