Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Water Ways

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom. Wisdom is brilliant words and smart activity. That second degree in the 1-10 tells us about the other man. It's the Wisdom degree so it tells us who not to be like. Why copy a man who is copying us. As my righteous brother Alkim says "Some of y'all are some medi (mediocre) n*ggas. You're not extraordinary n*ggas!"

He's right. Stop acting like that other man and BE yourself which is SUPPOSED to be Original.

Water is symbolic to Wisdom. Irrigation is a means of moving water so that it nourishes the land so that the fruit (Understanding) flourishes. Some of y'all n*ggas be dealing not with irrigation you be dealing with irritation and that don't bring about no Understanding. Your talk isn't moving mountains.

I move mountains because first there is a mountain. Then there isn't a mountain. Then there is a mountain. Those who can follow irrigated paths can get to the Understanding.

As a side note. My son corrected ME on today's Supreme Mathematics. Loved every second of it.

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