Friday, July 04, 2008

Stop being afraid of the youth

Stop being afraid of the youth. That's your future (Self) and it just translates that you are afraid of tomorrow. If you can't relate to the youth then you haven't yet learned (have an Understanding) of how to be timeless (no beginning and no end).

I hold Ciphers wherever I go and some of them we may not be going through 120 degrees verbally. Held a Cipher the other day and taught the youth the Art of the Fair one. No, you all are not going to gang up on this one child. The two that have the disagreement are going to have their knuckle game out. The 'leader' of the 'posse' got his ass whupped and lost his followers yet at the end of the whole thing two young men shook hands and kept it moving.

You can't touch-each/teach because you can't relate. If you can't relate then you haven't yet learned the science of mileage which is space and time (mile/age).



We are growing (shaka zulu theme) - Margaret Singana

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