Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sol (duuuhhhh) facts

Solar facts aren't just a collection of distances of planets from the sun. Or rather I should say for many solar facts are just a collection of distance of planets from the sun. Ironically these are the same people who will be all up in your zodiac sign yet can't even find said zodiac constellation in the night sky. That's kinda weak. When you learn your solar facts you should become a student of astronomy.

See what planets you can see with the naked eye.
How long does it take light to travel to each planet from the sun?
How many moons does each planet have?
Can you find the universal flag in the night sky?
What's the retrograde period of each planet in reference to the Earth?
What's the Earth's perihelion and apehelion?
What's the difference between terrestrial and a gaseous planet? What's their birth cycles?
What's up with the new planets?
What's the difference between an asteroid and comet?
What's the difference between a made and grown planet?
What's a planet?
How is the precession related to the houses of the zodiac?
What's a great year?
How the L do you connect all of the above utilizing Supreme Mathematics?

It's a journey.

In the meantimes make sure that you take time to see what you can see with the naked eye also. The night sky is kinda ill.

shooting starts

solar eclipse

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