Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pine Cones

Blame my Old Earth. She was a teacher and always had alot of those teaching books laying around the house. So by the time I was a pre-teen I had absorbed more craft books then you can shake a stick at (I always wanted to say that phrase..what the L does it mean? I don't know.). Anyway, after this past Saturday's Rally in New Heaven the young moon SciDey hit me off with some pine cones. I live in New England so there are mad evergreen trees around here. In fact we have to always pick them up in the back yard (you have to wear gloves because they're covered with mad resin). Anyway, for those who are interested, here is something that you can do with all of those left over pine cones.

You can over them with a little bit of vegetable oil, sprinkle them with either Epson Salt or Table Salt and 'bake them' with wax in a cupcake pan making pine-like candles. Then you can toss them into the fireplace or fire and they crackle and pop. Depending on what kind of salt you used they will flare up with white flame or yellow flame. There are other colors that you can cause them to flare up with depending on what you sprinkle them with.

We use to just save garbage bags of them for the winter. One of those thangs.

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