Monday, July 28, 2008

Man I like that futuristic green tech stuff

Yeah I do I do I do

The Loop is a new take on the cycle of life, and it could be the smart chef’s answer to a sloppy compost pile, window herb garden, garbage disposal (always bad news), and an archaic gas range, all in one.

The Loop, designed by Austrian eco-designers Teresa Ttillebacher and Birgit Dejaco, is a totally green, sustainable kitchen — that just happens to resemble an intergalactic boiled egg.

The pod-like creation goes far beyond the simple indoor composter — it has comfortable seating inside (a “slightly warmed, flexible membrane” … ooh?), a faux-grassy knoll for drying dishes, and a warm garden bed on its surface for growing arugula, basil, and other greens. The consistently warm temperature makes the Loop an ideal spot for plants to flourish. Greens are also nourished by compost.

Partnered with a methane gas processor, the Loop can extract methane from decomposing materials, which can be converted to cook food or used as electric power.

The pod also stores water (filtered through plants and soil) and can be used to store items like Tupperware and trail mix. While Martha Stewart might approve, it is hard to picture this in the average kitchen...

Via EcoFriend and Byzas

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