Monday, June 09, 2008

Show and Prove 2008

Peace. Born is to make detectable to the naked eye. Show and Prove weekend, lovely. Here are some of my highlights.

*All of the new borns that I ran into and showed no fear on Building where they were in their degrees

*Seeing that there are a lot of Gods who are teaching. I met more new borns this year then I have in a LONG time.

*Seeing my new fruit Alkim Allah and NiRule Unique Allah roll all over their first SnP. They are on their 1-10 yet you would think they knowledged 120 with how they were rolling up into Ciphers and finding elder Gods to Build with.

*All of the Gods and Earths who took time to Build with I-Victory (he was also rolling up on Gods asking them the day's mathematics). It was peace to see those who realized that they should be speaking to his level vs those who had no clue how to Build on the day's mathematics outside of a certain level. If you can't speak so that the babies can Understand then you can't speak so that 85% of the population can Understand.

*All of those who have babies who shared with me the challenges of raising one's child in this science especially if the child's other parent isn't adding on. I learned alot. A special shout out to Divine Universal Allah (Power Hill), Barkim Allah (Pelan) and Allah Intelligence (Now Just).

*Being humbled on the impact that is making. So many approached me on the strength of the metazine alone.

*Seeing whole cities represent HARDCORE. The Gods and Earths of Power Born (Pittsburgh), D'Mecca (Detroit), Father Love (Florida), C-Medina (Chicago), and Cream City (Milwaulke, Wisconsin) were reppin' HARD. PLUS they were adding on at the foundation in various capacities.

*My sisters from Now Just (Lanasia, Heavenly, Civilized Zag) who had JOKES all day long. Kept me laughing. Don't ya'll front, I got those pics..ha.

*Walking around Saturday and Sunday and getting to Build in and witness STRONG Ciphers. On the real it was about old school Building this year. I didn't see anyone not get checked on degrees or just 'socialize'. Everything is coming back full circle to how I remember it. Plus, I wasn't trying to meet new people without seeing where they were at mentally.

*Finding out that Freedom from C&C music factory was really God. Man I have been trying to figure that out for years.

*Zafira and Princess bringing the ILL vegan options for the SnP. That dang citrus pattie...dang...stop...don't even want to think abut it....lovely.

*Meeting with the photographer Coco Lopez about her new ILL photo project. Stayed tuned to!

*Getting to hang with my alike Sha-King and his whole family, hitting the juice bar and just Building.

*Meeting and hanging with my family hardcore. I know when you start that listing you miss somebody yet I'm going to start it. If I miss you trust, I'm just recovering from that heat. Divine Ruler Equality, Powerful, Original Author, Malik, Critique, Lord Zaid, True Wise, Wise Jamel, Born Justice, Allah B, Born Jewel, Ceeaaquil, Divine Universal, Hanif Islord, Allah Intelligence, Precise Infinite Peace, Knowledge Divine, Selfk Kingdom, Queen Sati, Heavenly, Lanasia, Civilized Zag, I Medina, I Majestic, Victorious, Allah Magnetic, Knowledge Build, Divine Culture, Sha-King, Aymara, N'jeri, SciHonor, Allah Jihad, Yasir, Supreme Victory, Blackseed I Victory, Godly Math, Queen Shameika, Zyhier, Omala, Abu Shaheed, Gykee Mathematics, ABG.#7, UM Allah, C-Truth, Bishmiallah, Divine Prince, Infinite Al Jamar, Scientific, Black Asiatic, Sha God, Queen Wisdom, Khalik, Positive, Cee Allah, Najee, Supreme Understanding, God Darmel, Beautiful Asiatic, See Asia, Rakim U., Rakim P., man let me stop here...just add a + sign meaning add on if I missed you.
*Again a special thanks to those who took time to Build with I Victory and make him realize where the root of civilization is. He KNEW his family no doubt. Again, thank you for making the SnP special for him. I had a great time Building with all of the babies. Damn, they're the greatest!

*Finally all you yappin, non Building, complaining, no initiating change, never showing up, wack muthajumpas peace to y'all also. You showed and proved also. I don't want you around the babies anyway.

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