Monday, June 02, 2008

Micro blogging-I make raw ice cream

Picture of me having a mental battle with a 1/2 durian shell. I'll let you know the outcome. Yet until that time...let it be known...the God can make the ILL raw vegan chocolate durian ice cream. I can't be stopped!


cy said...

and i thought that was your pet blowfish out of water? i´ll ship you some chinolas if you ship me some raw durian ice cream. did u already take your trip to ny? next time hit me up for recommendations on where to go for some delicious raw ice cream and other yummies. peace brother. xoxo Cy

Brother OMi said...

where's the recipe, brother?

valentine said...

Hellooooo!!! I'm with brother omi. Where's the recipe sucka?

valentine said...

Hellooooooo!!!! I'm with brother OMI. Where's the recipe Sucka!