Thursday, June 05, 2008

Indigo Prince

So, get use to it. I talk about my son alot.

When I worked it the bookstore every parent came in looking for books for their children and always said the phrase "he/she's in 'such and such' grade yet they are smart for their grade or read above grade level". Nobody's baby ever was below grade level.

My son since he entered kindercare had issues in school. It was to the degree that his mother internalized it as her fault and people started 'insinuating' that he was 'touched'. They even wanted to medicate the young star.

I grew up around great teachers (my Old Earth was an elementary school teacher as well as all of my aunts on her side and my father is a minister). The role of a teacher is to provide the proper environment by which a child can develop an Understanding. Due to several factors the majority of teachers in the Western world are only skilled at teaching within a very small parameter.

Now my son is what some new age folk may call an Indigo Child. Now without all of the mumbo jumbo I see that simply as many of our children are 'modern' children. We often see 'external' technologies yet don't pay attention to internal teknowledge. Our children are hit with 1001 new modes on information and stimuli. Some of US as adults don't know how to deal with it and descend into bouts of depression and bi-polarism. I saw from the beginning that he just processed information different the majority of children around him. So my job as a father was to instruct those around him how to best serve him.

It wasn't easy at first. For those that are aware there are several modes of learning from being sensitive to audio stimuli, tactile stimuli, repetitive stimuli, to visual stimuli. I early on found out that I-Victory had a strong tactile stimuli. He responds well to having people touch his shoulder when they are explaining concepts to him, works well with hands on one on one instruction, etc. Its funny because some of his teachers wanted to plus him as A.D.D. or a 'trouble maker' because he 'wasn't paying attention to them'. It was a task explaining to them that HOW they were presenting the data wasn't being received by him. Some REFUSED to think that they needed to change their methods.

I knew the difference in my own household in terms of the learning styles of myself and my siblings. I saw it on how a mother knew how each of her children were different. I was able to develop strategies for him to use in school while going back and forth with his teachers.

One of the things that we did was make learning fun. I mean, when he was learning his numbers and alphabet I taped up the capital/small letters and numbers all around the house and we would run from room to room looking on walls and ceiling with him saying their names. We did morning affirmations. Flash cards became the newest card games. Yet one of the greatest things that I taught him was breathing meditations.

We started with basic yoga and breathing. We started to realize that alot of times he was getting nervous and shutting down so that information couldn't get in. And, yes, his teachers never realized it. By teaching him breathing exercises he became aware when he was going into a negative emotional state. He's able now to recognize it and conquer it. Listen to his speech. He puts things in order. It's just HIS order. He often changes nouns for verbs. 'Grammatically' it may not be 'correct' yet artistically and asiatically it is on point. For him the whole world is dynamic. Everything is in motion. If you ain't working to get in tune with him you'll miss the world from his vantage point. And your life will be that much poorer.

We also meditate in the hood. Yup. We do that. He's excelling in school now by the way. Thanks for asking and listening.


PurpleZoe said...

Peace C'BS *_^

Would love to guestpost this at UU, and possibly include it in the Fall/Winter issue of Purple Mag that focuses on healthy archetypal images for underrepresented culture.

Let sistah know.
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PurpleZoe said...

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Thankyou for gracing UltravioletUnderground.

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Brother OMi said...

one of my students was an indigo child. son was nice in the roda.

it bothers me that people automatically want to treat them as different. it really does.

Aqila said...

Black That! The best resource for an Indigo Child is an Indgo Parent. As a teacher, luckily in a private school, I see these children everyday being brought to me with some dumb label. It is a blessing that I have not been trained in the "formal" educational institutions, and am free to see the children for what they really are. Beams of light intelligence! They travel on Fiber Optics! And just like the televisions, if we dont get on the new wave, we will be left behind. Praise to you, Father, for the Divine love you have for your Spiritual Seed. We were told that the lessons would produce this. We just need to know what we are looking at.