Thursday, May 29, 2008


Peace. The day that the mileage and my ex planet disenigrated was one of the worse days in my life. It was because I knew that the environment of my son and myself would change. When they moved to FL while I was here in CT I really did feel as though I was physically dying. My alike Lord Sincere told me something that I didn't really Understand at that time. He said "That woman will have to give that boy back to you. He will have to seek you out to find his Self." I wasn't really hearing him. I didn't know at that moment whether or not I would ever see him again.

Now she no longer adheres to this way of life. So I was suprised when she called and asked me to make 'extra sure' that I-Victory stands on his Square during his time with me and around the Nation. She then proceeds to tell me of how he 'gets down' in FL. Cause that boy don't stop calling me God for no one. When he is approached by 'Christian family members' about their mystery brash mouth says to them "tell him to call me if he's real"...rflmao. Or when told that 'god' is in the sky he tell them that all he sees is the sun, moon, stars, planes, clouds and birds.

It's funny cause in the heat of an argument before we dissolved our mileage I told her that even if she didn't see through me she would see it through I-Victory. And that 1/2 pint is showing and proving to the degree that she ain't even trying to disuade him from his decision. In fact she is encouraging in this. And I am still suprised that she wants this for him.

Oh well The young Star will be with me soon and we're going through it. He ain't missed a Show and Prove yet..

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