Friday, May 09, 2008

Solar cities, Black Enterprise, and your favorite twig chewing poet

I SAID I LIKE SCIENCE FICTION MUTHAJUMPA! So when something like a futuristic city comes along happening in my lifetime I get giddy like I'm over dosing on chewing too much coca leaf. I'm would say I'm the Black Buck Rodgers yet that would be dumb (and half of the people out there don't even realize WHY...cause Buck son is a racist term that was used to refer to Black men in the south..get INformed).

Second..Black Enterprise wants to be down. Now, I ain't mad when Green becomes more in the public eye (if you see anyone using that terminology Green Gangsta it's mine...inform a brother)so I keep a critical eye open. Yet from first view it is definitely a primer for those who don't know. Plus it's about not just 'not eating meat. It's about renewing our whole relationship to the environment. So check out Black(Green) Enterprise.

Also don't sleep on You just won't be fresh and your friends will make fun of you.

Finally. I write. I'm a writer. I write the poems that make you heart and mental sing. Get my damn book slacker.. And check out my poet blog over at Black Author.

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