Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So when you think of a cactus the image of a tall green thingie with two up turned arms with thorns on it standing alone in the middle of the desert comes to mind. It is such an iconic image that one doesn't realize that it blooms with flowers or that there are other types of cactus. And one, if one has been so indoctrinated surely doesn't think that you can eat it or parts of it.

My first introduction into the cacti world was via FaaTma who put me on to Agave Nectar as a sweetener. It's my favorite sweetener now where as before I mainly used date sugar. The liquid alternative is on an poppin. For the record it can also be used by diabetics (phuck those artificial sweeteners).

Now I've been hit in the head recently by nopales. Everywhere I go I would find a reference to it. Shoot, when I popped over the ChelB's spot I noticed that she had a whole post on it. I am firmly convinced that my Mexican veggie peeps have been holding out on me (yeah..don't front). Then I ran into my Brown sista Metztli who dropped the recipe on's that fly.

It proves again though my platform. Original Peoples indigenous cuisines have elements in it that can be adapted to plant centric diets. In fact, truth be told, who do you think the white vegans got INSPIRED by. There are no vegetarian traditions in post Greek Europe.

So eat up some cactus folks.


Sha-King Cehum said...

Peace God! Indeed cactus salad is fiyah! I used to build with the Mexica sister who put me on to it...hard to get cacti in Pigsburgh, PA.....

Dana said...

Sha-King Cehum--When in Pittsburgh, Market District sells it.

Peace and living love.