Friday, May 09, 2008


Peace. Today's Mathematics is Born. Born is how I roll u in peoples face and style on them like have you done? Cause you can SEE my sh*t.

*Build with the Boys in the Hood. Show them manhood and how not to leave the hood without elevating elements in their hood. Peace to the young God ShaMagnetic Truth Allah.

*Continue to teach. Just added a Black Seed and a Yellow Seed as my fruit.

*Word several jobs at once from DJ, to chef, to assisting refugees resettling.

*Perform poetry and songs

*Write more times a day then you probably read in a week. Several award winning blogs.

*Love babies. Respect women.

*Assisting in making sure that blows up (oh sorry it IS blowing up.

*Honest, loyal, unique, 99+attributes

*Support my past self (my Old Dad) and a Father to my future (my son I-Victory)

And that ain't even including the greatness that is coming with my migration West.

Yes, I'm smarter then you...

WTF are you Borning?

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