Friday, April 25, 2008

Why would I take some youth from the hood to a cherry blossom celebration......

.....cause I can muthajumpa. Today is Wisdom Power all being Born to God which means that my demeanor, ways and actions are so magnetic that people don't have any issue with detecting the Supreme Being (which is myself) when I'm Supreme Be-ing it. People WANT the Black man to stand up. They NEED the Black man to stand up. And when it happens they lovin' it more than an indigenous destroying rain forest Mcdonald's commercial.

From every direction
cherry blossom petals blow
into Lake Biwa

I rolled up into my old hood and just started versing with several of the youth of the corners. On the real, if you just be you it ain't that hard. I just started asking them questions like why their hood was at the bottom of the hill instead of the top. Why it is so dark and grey in their hood. Then I offered to show them something if they would take sometime from hustling to jump on the city bus with me.

A lovely spring night
suddenly vanished while we
viewed cherry blossoms

We went to the cherry blossom festival in New Heaven which I ain't going to front...was mad whitified. Nonetheless there were some Original Jazz bands doing their thing. Of course we spent a good amount of time just clowning people. Yet I used the time to speak about the cherry blossom.

In writing traditional haiku you must have a kingo or seasonal word or phrase. This lets the reader know what season it is. Alot of writers in English haiku neglect this. There are ill nuances in haiku. One kingo is 'cherry blossoms' to signal spring. There is also another meaning, over time, the humble cherry blossom became a symbol of the Samurai and their code - starkly beautiful, short-lived, and glorious in death. There is another type of Japanese poem called a Jisei. It is a poem that is written upon one's deathbed. I started dropping how their lives were being lived too briefly and that they don't need to go out like scarface. That the same energy and fortitude by which they hold down the block that they are STRONGER than that and can hold down their own people. Wisdom Power. I spoke to them about their own Strength which is what people neglect to do to the youth nowadays. "They fear you because of your strength, now use your strength to take away their fears." And I snuck the Chih in on them. A whole bunch of Originals taking Chih shots at a Cherry Blossom festival while speaking on Scarface, Kung Fu Flicks and community transformation. Green Gangsta.

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