Thursday, April 17, 2008

Light of the World

Peace. Knowledge God all being Born to Build. I give people a personal relationship with the Supreme Being whom is none other then myself. They see my supreme state of being by who I bond with, what I bond with and where I bond with.

There are eight rays emanating from the Universal Flag. When I Build I show and prove that I am the light of the world. There are some colored people out there trying to learn and do like me and the Queens (don't try to hard you'll hurt yourself)so we give them something they can feel or rather something that's real so that they can see what the meaning of civilization is when it is manifested by the righteous.

I work with refugees and the children of refugees. I was playing the ill game of Uno with babies from Somalia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, etc. My co-workers were amazed on how I was able to keep the attention and maintain order with the babies. I told her to pay attention, God is in the Building Building. Building up the youth by breaking down the science of life in digestible portions. I just happened to do it today with numbers and colors.


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amanda said...

YOu never stop impressing me.. you are so appreciated ..