Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Earth in the 5% Nation

Peace. It started with me Building with my alike I Majestic Allah. I had been a part of the Environmental Racism cell in New England. He brought up how we should make a stronger presence of Environmental Racism/Justice, Eco-concerns, etc within our Nation since our paradigm refers to the Black woman as Earth. In fact, that conversation is what prompted me to write "Her Fullest Ecology". It also made me more conscious of speaking on these elements within my Nation and becoming an advocate for it.

Going from that platform for me Earth Day I always use as a day to also honor the Earths. I know its origin (you can too if you would just read my link below..ha). I see it as reclaiming and taking back our own land, mentally speaking. Below I have posted several view points on Earth Day from the perspectives of Original People. I agree with several of the points. I don't get caught up in the peta-esque hippie tree hugging CORPORATE presentation of Earth Day. I reclaim it as a day of honor for the Original Woman and enlightening my people with my Green Gangsta. Check out these articles/radio shows and take the best part.

What Earth Day means to Minority Citizens

Earth Day and Original People

The History of Environmental Justice

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