Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yo to the Ga

Two Original People who put me on to Yoga were Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Tina Turner. When I saw that ill pick of Kareem doing twists and read up on how yoga kept Tina mentally and physically youthful I was like damn...Black people do yoga. They made it 'alright' for me to rock it. I can tell you this I do hella martial arts and dance. I haven't ever injured myself. Pulled muscles...what's that? It also keeps my physical and mental healthy on so many other levels. I love it. To find out more about yoga and it's place in the lives of Asiatic Peoples (read Original y'all) check out this article by FaaTma called Yoga is Asiatic Get your read on. Yoga ain't just for white skinny soccer moms.

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