Friday, March 21, 2008

Trash in the Sea

Peace. Third day of the fast. Let me just offer a word of advice. When you go on the fast don't go out House dancing the first night of the fast..ha. I take that back. It was a good time and I did readjust by drinking a whole bunch of water yesterday. Third day is going well thus far. Damn that salt water flush! A little sore at some points of the body so I'm increasing the lemon portion. Haven't started the 'emotional' flush yet and the mental is still kinda foggy yet I keep track of all of my body's changes. Have alot of things going on so I've kinda been 'distracted' from my own fast yet I'm going to hone in on it this weekend so that I can really record the fluxes.

Now, to add on to my plastic expose check out the 'gyre'. The gyre is a swirling vortex of trash in the Pacific Ocean (I got this from the Ultraviolet Underground which in turn got it from Viropop).

This is just nasty. This sh*t is nasty. Stay in tune as I drop some alternatives to getting rid of trash, why I have a problem with drinking bottled water, and what to do with those plastic bags.


cy said...

sending peace and thanks to you for the visual and content inspiration. stay blissed on naturalism - the original way

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace. Thank you so much for coming through. I'm loving seeing how this is worldwide.