Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Learn how to prepare your meals

I have to thank mom and pop for the cooking skills. We RARELY ate out (and I mean fast food and restaurants) cause my Old Earth (mother) gave us home cooked fare (and she worked full time as a teacher also). My father helped out also. In fact, he was the one who usually cooked breakfast. He was a cook in the Navy during WWII. His pancakes...what!!! I learned all of the basics from them both. I also learned the importance of home prepared meals. As i got older though I would eat fast food at times I knew that it didn't compare to a home prepared meal. It was sad because some of my peers DIDN'T know this because it wasn't in their experience.

It definitely made it easier when I transitioned my diet into Vegetarian, Vegan, raw foodism. I was familiar with preparing food. Seeing that most of the fast food places and restaurants were meat-centric that was an essential skill I needed to have.

It's a basic survival skill that we've shunted to the side; how to prepare the foods we need in a manner that is pleasing to us. When I bring it to people in the hood I let them know how economically sound this is. If you are spending aprox $5 three times a day for seven days that $105 a week for food!! You can do better than that.

Also, yes I said it, ain't nothing sexier then a woman who knows how to prepare food. Now many may see this on a sexist tip yet let me break it down (and Build it back up again). My body is the vehicle by which I transform my environment. Through her manipulation of flora and fauna she cares for my physical. That meal is a manifestation of her love for me. She wants me to be in the greatest health and happiness. From the me manifests a we that is in harmony. How could I not acknowledge the work that she puts into each and every meal. Things like this sometimes makes your heart chakra swell.

Get yourself a home made meal.

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