Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How the Urban Vegan keeps his physical up to par

Fell in love with Capoeira Angola as soon as I found out about Afri-Atlantic martial arts in HS. Love the 'get close to the Earth' movements that resonate with my B-Boyisms. I can listen to the berimbau for hours.

My first dance love was Rocking/Uprocking. Even now when I hear that break in a song I feel like its time to start throwing jerks and burns. The essence of martial dancing cool. I've been returning to the Apache Line and its been good.

Before Luda was throwing bos we had our hand styles in the hood. Only recently has it come into the limelight yet we ain't ever need anyone's validity to do our thing with 52 Hand Blocks. Shoot...doubt it? Just come on through and it'll be like a scene out of Friday ("you got knocked the kcuf out!")

I keep trying to get out yet they drag me back in! Nah, I ain't never going to leave House Dancing. Dance sol music at its best. One of the ways that I know to manipulate space and time. Nothing quite makes me feel this good.

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