Thursday, March 20, 2008

Got plants?

I read the The Secret Life of Plants way back in the day. It explores the probability that plants have some degree of sentience from various different types of experiments. One has plants being hooked up to a polygraph and a device that drops a live shrimp into boiling water when the scientist isn't in the room. When the results are checked it is seen that the polygraph moved eratically when the shrimp was dying. There are other various test that show that plants develop more harmoniously around certain music and that even metal can be 'poisoned' by snake venom. It definitely opened my eyes up in terms of thinking of ways to maximize proper food production and developing a more balanced relationship between plants and humans.

Now a while back FaaTma let me knowledge a song by Stevie Wonder from his album the Secret Lives of Plants. I made an off comment remark about the book and then Knowledge was made born that his album was the soundtrack to a whole documentary that was based on the book. What???!!! Above is part I of the documentary (you can find all of the other parts after you watch part I).

Building on the whole science of an intuitive relationship between man and plant you have to mention the Grandmaster George Washington Carver. He created loads of peanut and yam products from food products, oils, to dyes. Before he even went to school he was known as the Plant Doctor. He developed various types of health cures (that are lost to time because he didn't write alot of them down). He created a peanut milk that went over well in parts of Africa where they couldn't raise domestic cattle because of the teste fly. He was incredible.

Another great man in the science of plants was Jagdish Chandra Bose. Check up on him. Get learned ;-)

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