Monday, March 03, 2008

Burn to Learn

Peace. Understanding is the ability to make sense of everything. You can now see how everything fits together and integrates into the whole. Its not a lazy person's who gets to that point. You have to burn to shine. People who have the Understanding have put in work and we continue to put in work. Everybody wants some old processed fast food education in this way of life. Go through the rites of passage. RESPECT those who came before you (even if they are your peers) who put in the WORK to get to an Understanding. And stop using that tired phrase 'well, that's just MY Understanding' to hide the fact that you are lazy and the fact that you can't show and prove what you are saying. Saying you have Understanding doesn't mean you have Understanding. It also doesn't take years, months and days to get this right (in terms of the curriculum). That 'everybody learns at their own pace' is tired and hides the fact that YOU have some issues that you haven't resolved yet. The student doesn't tell the teacher how to teach and if you don't know 120 accept the teacher and the teacher and get it done.

On another note. More information to show that we've always been talking to each other world wide and know every square inch of the planet Earth.

Chinese Beating Columbus to the Americas

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