Saturday, March 08, 2008

Black, Brown, Yellow and Green

I just joined up with Soul Veg Folk. It's a community of like minded Black veg people. I was put on to this by Blacktivegan (check the comments below son). There are a couple of other communities that I have on the right handed bar under Original Green Gangsta Communities. I also started organizing my stuff so I have Original Green Gangsta Communities for communities, my Black Brown and Yellow Peoples for my peeps pages, and finally Original Lifestyles for everything else (for now). Please go and check out those communities. The communities that are in my side bars are fresh to life! The overall problem is that alot of Black, Brown and Yellow peoples out there don't know about them. Thus we end up doing ou own thing on isolated islands. Let's bring it together and wreck shop.

As an aside. I was looking for a pic of spinach and came along this pic of a black Popeye, watermelon and all. On the real tip though spinach and watermelon ain't too bad a combo.

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