Friday, February 22, 2008

Versing with a friend

I was versing with a friend the other day about some things and she mentioned why don't i write about them. She also noticed that I avoid writing about certain things. I was painful aware of that. I know the power of words. Sometimes there are emotional states that I dont want to amplify. Sometimes I think that subconsciously I am 'drunk' off ocertain emotions and want to 'wallow' in them. With that said though I accept her challenge to attack some of those issues and 'solve' them through verse and meter.


Emblem said...

I was doing the knowledge on your blog regarding the power of words and the emotional states that they take you through. Build on that God!

Melissa said...

Really? Where have you been all my life? Or, at least, the past few weeks, because I have not run into you anywhere, and that's just weird. ;) I'm at Panera, and you're not sitting across from me, typing away, so I hope you're doing well. Update me! Miss you :)