Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Orange Juice

Peace. Nah. I ain't never drink coffee. No really. I ain't ever touched the stuff. When I was little it was just simple observation. I saw that people had to put a bunch of sugar and milk in it to even drink it. I was like why would I want to drink something that I had to put that much stuff in it in order to make it taste good?

I grew up slightly addicted to orange juice. On the real. We use to drink it with the little juice glasses in the morning yet I got to the point where I wanted like 40oz of OJ. It got so bad that my Old Earth (mother) made me pay an orange juice tax in the house because I drank so much. I am still drinking it hardcore this way. You always going to find me with a glass in the morning. Went from concentrate to squeezing that stuff myself (went through a small childhood phase of drinking Tang cause..ya know...its what the astronauts were drinking).

Now let's get into that health goodness of OJ. One orange will typically produce about 90 grams of juice, and when freshly squeezed, orange juice has a slightly spicy and somewhat acidic taste. Besides water and sugar, it is an excellent source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and potassium. It is also an important natural source of folic acid (Vitamin B9), which is recommended for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant.[1] Citrus juices contain flavonoids that are believed to have beneficial health effects.
(i wikied it son)

There are other uses for it also. Certain grains absorb the the flavor of OJ. Thus you can soak them in it and get that OJ flavor. You can do the same with certain green leafy. There is a Desi drink by which you put a little grey salt (there are like a billion different flavor salts) in fresh squeezed OJ and it's bangin. Shoot, OJ along with Mango juice is my nectar of the Gods. In fact..I'm drinking it right now.


Brother OMi said...

you are right. i always drank OJ. kept me up.

but i didn't start drinking coffee until i worked at starbucks. i learned how to taste it. it is an art. but i don't use sugar. I might use honey or i might just throw in soy milk.

but there is a way to drink it and like teas, it does have it's nutritional value.

the problem with us is that we use sugar and that's what give folks those highs.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

word...I was informed later in life by the Earth FaaTma on the beneficial uses of coffee and how Original Peoples drank it before it became 'fast foodified' in America. Especially with all of the mocha loca frapa lapas.