Thursday, January 31, 2008

DIY lessons for toothpaste

I rolled to the dentist when I was young. I was curious. You know how all of those commercials say something like 7 out of 10 dentist use this such and such toothpaste. So of course I was curious as to what toothpaste he used. He dropped that he used salt and baking soda. My father and mother. I noticed that they advocated it also. I also went to an Environmental Racism conference back in the day and one of the presenters said something to the degree of not using anything that your grand parents or great grand parents didn't use.

So for DIY toothpaste get you some SEA salt and baking soda. You miss the minty fresh smell/taste in your mouth? Well then you can grow damn mint in your house. It's one of the easier herbs to grow and it will freshen up that breath right away.

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Brother OMi said...

i got to do that. thanks