Thursday, January 17, 2008

C-Medina Street Academy


This is a Message from the C-Medina Youth Academy!

The C-Medina Youth Academy enriches the lives of at-risk youth within
Chicago. Towards this end, we create programs that develop the
mental, emotional, and physical lives of the children and young
adults we reach. We work within some of the city's most depressed
communities for the upliftment of juveniles who are bombarded with
images of failing schools, imprisonment, and a host of other ills
that effect the stability of impoverished communities.

I am sending this to you as an invitation for you to be apart of
making a better future for our youth. The youth in Chicago needs YOUR
HELP. The C-Medina Youth Academy is a non-profit organization here
for the community. All we ask is a MINIMUM of $20/month pledge for a
year to
Assist us in getting this youth center off the ground.

THIS IS NOT A SCAM; we are registered with the state of Illinois as a
non-profit organization. Besides helping our youth become healthy,
well-adjusted adults your donation will be a tax write-off. Larger
donations are welcome.

Please see: or e-mail: for more information on how you can be a part
of this fundraising opportunity.
Make money orders out to `C-Medina Youth Academy' Send all
pledges to:

C-Medina Youth Academy
c/o Pledge
P.O. Box 497264
Chicago, IL. 60649-9998

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