Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beloved Jamel

School - Masta Killa / RZA

The God Beloved Jamel was/is my connect to alot of the older Gods. I met him through an Earth whom he educated Mel'Asia N'Heaven. The God is well versed in the scriptures of the Bible and written Koran. Being that I came out of the church that always impressed me. It allowed me to have a thread of continuity to the life I led before I came into the Knowledge of myself.

One of the things about the Nation is that until this current deluge of books about the Nation there were very few pictures out there of the Gods and Earths who laid it down in our history. What this meant is that many times you could be walking around Gods and Earths at a Universal Parliament or Rally and not even know who they were unless you were told.

Beloved Jamel ended up being that man for me who pointed out Gods to me. In fact, it was through him that I became aware who many of the 1st Born of Medina were in the physical. I remember standing on the stairs in front of Harriet Tubman and he was like.."you know who that is..that's ABG#7." It blew my mental that I knew all of these men's names yet didn't have a clue how they looked.

And that God ALWAYS has some writings for me from plus degrees, to manuals, to news articles.

There are scholars in the Nation (and yes they are different than the scientists). They gathering and compile a whole bunch of information from dusty texts, holy books, speeches, essays. They present it in a form that is digestible to the people. That is important. Everything doesn't have to be produced via the college prism for people to show and prove. In fact many times those who are utilizing it (that prism) have to come back to the streets to get their information.

The history of this science in the wilderness of North America within its story speaks of the information that was hidden from the Original Man being returned to him. We applaud those who can lock it down on the collegiate level and add new tomes to those libraries. Yet we also are cognizant that this message was directed to those who need the message and our family on the streets are those in need of this the life giving word. Thanks Beloved Jamel for showing me that hood library where I don't need to renew my card.

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