Monday, December 17, 2007

Books for Free


It's coming up to the end of the year and in anticipation of my upcoming mile (year) I am doing some in house cleaning. As such I am getting rid of a host of books which I have either read to the limit, have doubles of or just have no need of anymore. As such I am giving them away free. That's right, free. I will be updating the list on the regular so keep an eye out.

This is how it works. You see something you like hit me at If no one has claimed it you can have it. I'll just ask you to slide shipping and handling my way.

As of now the books are:

-Funerals Without God: A Practical Guide to Non-Religious Funerals
-Diet for a Small Planet
-Muhammad: A biography of the Prophet
-Mission to America: Five Islamic Sectarian Communities in North America
-The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall
-The Master Cleanser
-The True History of Master Far Muhammad
-The Occult Conspiracy
-Inside the Nation of Islam
-Afrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide
-Abraham's Legacy: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Reality
-Selections from The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt
-Eastern Philosophy for Beginners
-101 Key Ideas: Buddhism
-The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla
-The Chalice and the Blade
-Ceramic Uncles and Celluloid Mammies: Black Images and Their Influence on Culture
-Way of the Warrior: A Journey into Secret Worlds of martial Arts
-The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ
-Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature


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