Monday, November 19, 2007

Seek your own Saviors

Many Western monotheistic traditions have the concept of waiting on a savior type figure to come back to fix the world. The Muslims are waiting for the hidden Iman to tell them when the Mahdi is coming back, the Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come, the Christians say that Christ has come and is coming again, even such less well known monotheistic traditions such as Zoroastorism has the Saoshyant coming and some threads of religious Buddhism are focused on the Maitreya coming.

Those types of myths freezes up the people and prevent them from performing deeds in the here and now. It allows them to view the world a a problem that someone else will fix. The way that this was utilized during slavery is well documented; suffer now in this world and you'll be royalty in the next.

Change requires work. If anything take the example of what these saviors are supposed to do and put it into action now. If you are aware of what their duties are then make it detectable to the naked eye. Make today the last day(s) that you wait on another for change.

Self is Savior.

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Adrienne Zurub said...

I thought this posting was going to be a religious diatribe. I was wrong.

Simply and truly we are our own Saviors because we are God.

This post reminds me of a quote I read 18 years ago, "Love and the self are one." How powerful and 'godly'!

Adrienne Zurub
'Notes From the Mothership The Naked Invisibles' coming January 2008

Ensayn1 said...

Respect Black Man, this is powerful medicine for the people. Many of us need this. Too many fail to realize they are the God they seek.