Monday, November 12, 2007

One of the '23 Scientists", Sun Ra

I like to pay attention to syncronicity and pattern recognition. Sun Ra has been coming up alot lately in the circumference. Those whom are not familiar with him or his work should check him out. Eclectic is too 'easy' a word for him. He is the precurser to 'afro-futurism' , George Clinton mothership funk, and a contemporary of 'occult' (hidden) egyptian,kabalistic, black history, etc knowledge and got 'sparked' in Chicago in the mide 50's. It is rumored that he got sparked by a shadowy underground fraternal order (that is another thread as pre 50's alot of black fraternal orders, which are off the map, did have alot of esoteric information. They were the '23 scientist' preserving that history).

Two books on him that i recomend are

Space is the Place

Pathways to Unknown Worlds

One thing that I came across was a play by Amiri Baraka called 'Black Mass'. It is a dramitization of Yacub making the devil on Patmos. It was performed all throughout the Black Nationalist era. I was working to find a copy of it in print when I came across this which is a cd of the play being performed. Evidently Sun Ra did the musical score. I am going to see if i can get a copy of this.

C'BS ALife Allah

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