Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Message vs. Messenger

There are scientists and there is science. A scientist should always use the scientific method yet with the amount of scientist who are religious you can see that is not always the case.

This also means that one should use the scientific method as the measurement of a statement NOT who is necessarily relaying the information. A key point of this is the statement given recently by John D. Watson one of the scientist who deciphered the DNA double Helix. Here is the stupid statement he made. He basically said that Black aren't as smart as Whites. The overall problem with this is that it was a straight up belief with no empirical evidence. The other problem with this though is that he is a Nobel prize winning scientist. Many would take ANY word he states as scientific fact.

That is why for the Gods and Earths we utilize the scientific method along with Supreme Mathematics to weigh out situations. You have to be able to separate the message from the messenger and evaluate both.

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