Thursday, October 18, 2007

I roll with crack heads and prostitutes

I have spoken in the past about this Nation's concept of holy vs righteous. When I first came into this Nation I definitely brought with me my 'chruch views' in terms of how a person was 'supposed' to conduct them selves. It also limited who I sought to have interaction with.

When one comes into the Knowledge of theirself there is that part from the dead world that you have to leave behind. Many times subconsciously we don't want to leave it behind and we try to make it fit in this paradigm.

In time I grew out of it and grew into Understanding. Our view of righteous was actually more in tune with what has been recorded of what Jesus taught. Christianity is actually some old different interpretation of what Jesus taught instead of what is actually recorded. Christianity in the United States especially amongst so called African Americans is DEFINITELY something different then even forms of Christianity practiced in the 'holy' land and the middle east.

Jesus definitely did not spend the majority of his time in a church singing and dancing. He was out amongst the people. He was catering to the children. He was amongst the wreteched of the earth and dregs of society. If he was here now he would be rolling with the drug user and prostitute (ironically when we 'praise' street life we only 'praise' the dealer).

A saying that always stayed with me while I was coming into the Knowledge of myself was that I was just better off than some people I wasn't better than people.

The distinction between holy and righteous is also state of being. One is an imaginary 'destination' that becomes crystalized into a 'noun'. The other is actually a dynamic state of being that is transforming the environment.

I learned one of my degrees in a crack house because my educator wanted to break down my snob sense of superiority. I've actually sat down and spoken to prostitutes which is why I don't co sign strippers.

You're supposed to reach the people that are supposed to need reaching. Your peers ain't always those people. Those wanna be rappers ain't always those people. That child on the stoop at the early hours of the morning...he's that person. Those children at the foster home...that's those people.

Get on your job.

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