Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's not Destroy/Destroy

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Build/Destroy. Build means to add to. Destroy means to remove from. Builders will bring positive productivity to remove stagnant innactivity from their midst. I swear though there are some who 'claim' this way of life who you don't have an Understanding of today's Supreme Mathematics. You would think that they have 'Destroy/Destroy' in their Supreme Mathematics. As God or Earth you are a reference point for righteous change amongst the masses.

The one's whom I am referencing that don't have the Understanding of their self are constantly talking about what we need to do, or what isn't being done. I'm like
what are YOU doing. It SOUNDS like a lot of hot air being let out because that is what it is.

We Build in order to transform the situation fo ourself and our own people. Building is not talking about Building. Building means that you are doing something. We don't have problems. We have Supreme Mathematics by which we can draw up the problem in an equation until we have a solution.

The 'Destroy/Destroy' mentality puts off the responsibility for change on someone or something else. Ain't YOU God? Ain't YOU Earth.

Stop talking about it and be about it.

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