Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Follow the evidence

I have gotten into this new series on television called 'Murder'. It is like a CSI reality show where two groups attempt to solve a murder that has been recreated. What is interesting about the show is to see how people come up with a 'theory' and basically at a certain point become blind to the evidence. It reminds me of how a religious person conducts their self at times.

I had a discussion with a Christian man who knew nothing about the history of the making of the Bible. He knew nothing about King James. He didn't realize that there were several translations available. He was ignorant to the missing books of the Bible. I presented what I knew. I gave him references that he could check from the bookstore to the librairy. At the end of it all he just said ," I have faith in the word of God." I just shook my head. I was like...that's nice...yet you don't even have the complete word of God.

Save the babies.

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Brother OMi said...

man, they must have a script, cause the same conversation happens to me as well.