Thursday, August 09, 2007


In my never ending quest to become the writer that I already am I am everwhere. Sometimes I even loose track where I am at. I am posting here. I am submitting there. There are alot of people who have been very supportive of my work. There is another group, which I thought I would never get, who are my fan club. In deference to both groups I made the one stop author shop where you can get all of the writing of C'BS ALife in one place. You can find out where I am going to read. You can find out where I am going to sign my book. You can find out where my new writings are appearing. You can hear me as I work on making writing more of my lively-hood and that whole journey.

At the date of this writing the blog space has RSS feeds (meaning you going to get the up to second post) to two of my other blog sites, it has a link to my writings on, it has a link to my book, it has a link to my author page on myspace, and resources for writers। Keep in tune!


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