Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Freelance Writer?

"That swift writer with a pen for hire"

How the Hell does one become a freelance writer? To be honest, I have no clue. The first thing I did I realized was the most IMPORTANT thing. I DECLARED myself a freelance writer. As soon as I put out that declaration I started to focus on things.

My first accomplishment was writing and publishing my book of poetry, Perihelion Baby (if you don't have it you can just click to get it in the top right hand corner..thank you very much). When I had that finished AND started getting feedback from people who had read it I was comfortable with saying that I was an author.

The second thing that I did was I started entering poetry contest. I even won a few (I am still waiting to win a 5 G That gave me the confidence that my writing could stand the test in any arena. I check out Poets and Writers magazine for the latest contests out there.

The third thing that I did was I started to dive into the internet. Through the internet I found several sites that listed daily freelance jobs from copy editing, blogging, online/offline magazines, etc. I am now learning how to filter through all of these and in time I will be able to draw up the best part. I have already found fruit. Several of my essays have been accepted for various periodicals and I have a regular blogging job at BlueBlack Atlantis.

I know it is only the beginning yet I am finally seeing that it is possible to make money off of something that I do all of the time and that I enjoy.

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