Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maker, Owner, Keeper, Maintainer

Within our degrees we have the concepts of 'maker' and 'owner' yet another principle that is just as important is further down in the degrees; it is preserving the best part for ourself. In essence this is the concept of 'keeper' and 'maintainer'.

In the concept of a business it is looking at it as a legacy, as something to pass down to one's children. In this capitalistic society the focus is just on 'making money'. Often it is a limited view of how much money can I make in the here and now. It is not focused on making something that will outlast our physical existence so that our children will have something to Build with beyond just a 'savings fund'. There is having money and there is having something that will generate money. Institutions are things which are needed and generate money.

In a sense in this society it is easy to make money. Now to make money make more money THAT is a great skill that we need to keep investing in.

Famous Amos No Longer Black Owned

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