Thursday, July 12, 2007

Allah Didn't Raise no Punks

Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding

Your observation and correct application can lead to great insight

Knowledge and Wisdom. Patience and Persistence. This is what gets you to the meaning of your life. That is why you have to get into the Knowledge degree of the 1-10 and the Wisdom degree of the 1-10. I am God. I ain't him. I'll be damned if I take on the attributes of his weakness as my own.

ALLAH didn't raise no punks! Sometimes people want to dilute the Blackman. 'You ain't sensitive enough, E.G.O.-Ease God Out, you need to be easier, etc.' There is a time and place for all of that yet, and I am speaking as a poet, our young boys and girls and the world doesn't need no R&B niggas taking hold of the family. The same thing that people often complain about in 'assertive' Black men are the SAME THING THAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR ie. a leader, someone who will take charge, someone who will provide direction and order.

Why is it 'proper' to be humble? Funk that humble pie. I don't eat that stuff. I LOVE being the Supreme Being. Everyone ain't built for this. Sometimes people's feelings going to get hurt. The TRUTH will cut ya. Yet oftentimes if you can just bear that pain it will cut FALSEHOOD out of you.

God is here to change communities, stop all crime. He ain't here to philosophize or APOLOGIZE for being God.

God is passionate about his babies, his Earth, the youth, the state of affairs of his environment. When people write about those things the EXAMPLE that they need to reference is Allah God. Can't NOBODY love the babies more than God and Earth. You will write EPICS about the way that I love Earth. The youth will proclaim who I am to my whole Kingdom. If I walk into your city and the above ain't might not be God.

I am God I ain't the other man. I can and I will and I do. Like is the attraction. Love is the bond. If you are bonded to Hell you going to get a misunderstanding. If you are bonded to what is right you are going to get an Understanding. And if you ain't seeing that Understanding yet its because you ain't put in the work yet. Keep moving in the right direction.



I Medina Peaceful Earth said...

Peace God! Great post. Me and the God have built on this recently and it makes a lot of sense. Thanks

I Medina

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Earth. Of course y'all did cause that my brother..hahaha. There is one mind, one God. Allah is one.