Monday, June 18, 2007

We Build

Knowledge Build all being Born to Born

If you are aware on how to add on your works will be seen with the naked eye.
A Ruler is the reference point (Grand Architect of the Universe). A Rule is a standard.

I have to continue to generate the conditions for my son to be Born into the sun of man, for him to transition from boy to man. I know how to Build. Now it is time for me to show my son how to Build whether he is here or half way across the continent of North America. That's why one of the most important things that you can give your children is not material things, it is a mental structure based on good Rules.

I wanted to share with the family one of the educational things that i do with I-Victory. He rocks flash cards with math. Even though he is into higher mathematics (such as multiplying) we keep sharpening the fundamentals (adding/subtraction) because when you recognize patterns you can up your speed and actually make jumps in computation.

Anyway we rock it like this, he gets 5 cents for each problem he answers rights (Build) and looses 5 cents for each problem he gets wrong (Destroy). He can try to answer the problems he got wrong at the end. If he gets them wrong again he'll loose another 5 cents (for a total of 10've been hit by the 10% son!). If he gets it right he will get 5 cents back, thus breaking even. The better he gets the greater profit he will generate.

As a teaching tool you can use this to illustrate money exchange (change up those nickels for dimes and quarters and dollars). You can use it in higher degrees to show how a business functions in terms of profits and loses. Also its just another tool in causing him to generate his allowance.

Random thought of the fresh is it to have Morgan Freeman say 'I'm God' on the commercial all of the time for the new Evan Almighty movie..hahaha


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