Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Raising the Rod for the '07

It's the month of Master Allah Why. For many in the Nation this is the month for Raising the Rod (for some others they observe Raising the Rod during the month of Allah U God. This is expanded on by my righteous brother I Majestic). For the history and other personal recollections of Raising the Rod you can read the blog posts of my righteous brothers;
, Divine Culture 245 Days and Allah U God, and Justice Rajee
In short it is a type of fast by which one abstains from various things/practices in one's environment which may be interfering with the full scope of one's growth and development. While going through this fast you will generate more focus, discipline, and have extra time to reach your determined ideas.
This month I am working to fast from cooked food all month and limit my television time to 1 hour/per week. I have a lot to do in the upcoming months and anything that assists me in being at peak efficiency is welcomed.

Planned Efficient Abstinence Creates Excellence

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knowledge born said...

peace i enjoy reading your articles ,but this raising the rod is some straight religious bullshit . peace