Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Poor Part to Rich Part

Above is the distribution of wealth in 1990. You can see how the United States and Europe have the 'lion's share'. This is not suprising since through the elements of slavery, colonialism, capitalism and imperialism they pillaged the rich parts of the planet for their resources from precious metals, gems, oil, etc.

This is relevant in this day and time in that alot of us 'give up our birth rite' as God in terms of letting our skills either remain dormant or used by someone else for their prophet.

You can see this in the various Emcees who, despite talking about money all of the time, make a meager amount of money in compared to the record companies. That is why, no matter what you may think about artists such as Master P, MC Hammer, Too $hort, etc..they epitomized the science of 'maker and owner'. They sold their product right out their trunk and developed their audience. When it came time to rock a deal with the majors they were in the position to get the most value for their skills.

In writing and distributing my book, Perihelion Baby, I discovered the Power in keeping control over my own business. It is about recieving my own gold because my gold is a result of realizing my own goals.

Recently I have put myself more in tune with those whom have been focused on working for self, owners of their own businesses, etc. I see the amount of Freedom that they have within their life. I'm currently choosing that path myself.

The above map is the redistribution of wealth projected for 2015. Notice that China is stepping up. This lets me know that the wealth that was stolen can be reclaimed by original people. This can be done on the micro and macro level.


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