Tuesday, May 22, 2007


On this day my father is 85 years old. When people see him they don't believe it because through genes and activity he has kept his physical youthful. He lived through the Depression, fought in WW II, spoke with Halie Selassie, Mahalia Jackson and Elijah Muhammad, was born in a shack in Kentucky on a farm, laid railroad track in Chicago, lived almost everywhere in the United States from Connecticut, to California to almost all points in between. He's really a great man.

For many in the Nation who was around when ALLAH was here he became their Father. His young 5%ers came from broken homes with no male representation. He became a role model for those youth. This still happens nowadays. In fact, growing up, I was the only guy on the block who had a father in the household and in his life. In this way I am different than a lot of my brothers whom I knowledge. I had a father in my life. He assisted me in great ways. In fact through many of his examples I was able to see the reality of this way of life. My father taught me about the responsibility of being a man. Thus I was able to see the reality of the first part of the Knowledge degree of the 1-10, “Who is the Original MAN”. When I stepped to the Nation I was able to make the full connection of the degree, “The Original Black man is GOD.” I thank my father for giving me that first part to the equation. I've learned a lot of things from him and these are a few from the man who outlived his wife, his eldest son and eldest daughter.

*Do right by your children and your children will do right by you...fcuk a nursing home.

*Moderation is the key in all things from food, to mental or physical exertion

*Early to bed, early to rise is not just a slogan

*Don't let other people move you....move people

*Man is the foundation of the family

*Whomever you choose as your companion love her to the end

*Time with your children is more important than any 'trinket' that you can give them

*Encourage education on all levels

*Man and woman have specific roles. When those are not in order there is going to be chaos

*Have values, keep values, stand strong by your values.

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