Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Saving the Babies in the Valley of the Sun of Man

The following was written by True Father Allah out in Arizona. This is what the universal family is doing out there to save the babies. Do the Knowledge. (this site is still not quite finished yet)

In life I have learned that you are nothing more than a servant. To serve you have to build. Building is to add on to positivity by destroying negativity. We work like slaves for owners of corporations to profit who we will probably never meet who can be child molesters, rapists, racists, murderers liars and cheats. The same goes for many products of companies we buy and contribute wealth to.

What do many of these companies care about our youth? Nothing, they just want to bloodsuck money from them. When you get to a position of where you're stable enough to contribute or add on and give back to your community that's how you build, that's how you preserve a better future for our youth. We can't just throw our kids in THEY schoolsand expect everything to be fine.

For those that aren't involved in any programs or contribute to anything to help better our youth and have always wanted to, I build that you will rejoice and be enthusiastically anxious to assist us BECAUSE WE NEED YOU. Individually we are strong but together as ONE we are unstoppable. Instead of depending on others to help our youth, let's do it ourselves, BE INVOLVED! If not with Save the Babies then something else. One love to my myspace fam.


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