Monday, March 05, 2007

Star Shine

In my previous post I addressed how Black females are being fed the wrong foods physically and mentally in the current society here in North America. In the past I have addressed black boys being fed the wrong foods mentally which causes them to shun the role of developing into black men.

Along with Black boys being fed the wrong foods mentally there is also the science of them being fed the wrong foods physically. Currently in the scientific community they have discovered frogs that are living in polluted areas transforming from male to female frogs. This is due to the ponds and areas being saturated with waste. A large component of that waste is synthetic female hormones.

Now for those whom are working to adopt a vegetarian, vegan or just more healthy lifestyle be wary of soy and soy products. There is mounting evidence that an over dependence on soy, non fermented soy, etc. may lead to an abnormal production of estrogen and other female hormones in males. Do the Knowledge

Historical use of soy


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