Saturday, March 10, 2007

3rd Plan It

Do the Knowledge to the Earth network developing online for sometime.

The Peaceful Queens Network
This is one of the older communities involving Earths on the internet. The networking on the Peaceful Queens network has been responsible for the various Peaceful Queen Retreats in the Nation. Including the upcoming one. For more info regarding that get in contact with the Earth Lanasia.

One of the newest communities on the net is The Earthly Life which is serving as a clearning house for a lot of Earth groups and Businesses on the net.

While going through the site you will find some of the following highlighted

If you haven't read theQueen's Code then what are you doing? You need to do the Knowledge to the blog of I Medina Peaceful Earth.

You need headwraps and you don't know how to rock them or where to get them? Do the Knowledge to wraps by the Earth Queen Wisdom Born at Earth Science. You will find what you need.

You don't know what is going on in region 3 with th Earths? Do the Knowledge to this new calendar set up.

There a host of things that are happening and continue to happen. Just make sure that you do the Knowledge because there are a lot of 'earthlike' groups and people out there also that work to ride the coat tails of the true and living Earth in our Nation.


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