Friday, January 12, 2007

Skunk of the Planet

For ‘scholars’ out there you may realize that the 2nd degree of the 1-10 within the Nation of Gods and Earths does not have ‘skunk of the planet earth’ within its answer. If you compare this against the 2nd degree of the Student Enrollment of the Nation of Islam you will see that their lesson set has ‘skunk of the planet earth’ in their answer. For those whom are rooted in the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths you will realize that has been transmitted by our elders that ALLAH removed ‘skunk’ from 120 degrees (for the record I would like to state that YES there is a difference between 120 degrees and the Supreme Wisdom of the muslims of the Nation of Islam).

PersonallyI don't focus on why it was deleted because, from what I've learned from elders is that Allah didn't 'explain' himself all of the timeand, to be blunt, no one was questioning ALLAH on
what he gave them. He gave his sons 120. They got 120 from ALLAH so
there wasn't any reason to doubt him and 'correct' it by checking it against the'supreme wisdom'. I don't 'add' it for 2 reasons:

1) We have 120 NOT Supreme Wisdom. In every tree (lineage tracing back to ALLAH)
that I have seen that is from ALLAH skunk isn't in there. I don't
agree with 'correcting' 120 against Supreme Wisdom. If that
was the case then why not 'correct' the Actual Facts and have 19 or throw out the Solar Facts and just memorize the whole entire Problem Book (cause that's where they're from). We already have an internal method to 'correct 'our degrees. One method is to trace your tree OR if you don't have one get in tune with some of OUR elders. Those whom 'correct' their 120 via the Supreme Wisdom are subconsciously falling into the mind set that the NOI are the PROGENETORS of the Nation of Gods and Earths rather then a womb which they traveled THROUGH. Shoot, if people are using the Supreme Wisdom to correct 120 they might
as well get 'original source materials' for the Supreme Wisdom.
For instance, that exert from Madame Blatvasky that is most
probable the source material for 1:40. Or we would quote Johann Gottfried Herder who said, "I, might he say, I, the black, am the original man." Remember Master Fard Muhammad didn’t CREATE the information in the Supreme Wisdom. He was sent by his Father to libraries and people to go and get that information.

2) In the context of 120 Allah does not call anyone
names or use metaphor. Some may point out 10:14 yet I am not a Muhammad ('in the NOI' or a prophet) nor am I am Muslim. THEY observed that he was a snake. Allah didn't. I ain't trying to get into Mecca. I am in Mecca already ever since I started doing the Knowledge and Wisdom I was no longer lost I was found(4:14)where the Knowledge and the Wisdom of the original man STARTED ever since the planet was first FOUND(ED)). I don't murder devils I take them off of the planet (4:10 both populations Born Culture). There is no devil. Devil historically was his name. In this day and time it became name calling. Thus after I became the standard (became the Ruler after 6,000 years) I ceased even referring to Colored people by devil. The skunk of the planet earth would just
be the Muslelidae mephitis mephitis. Also, those who knowledge science will realize that the skunk is only indigenous to the Americas. There is no skunk in Europe.

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A-Sun said...

Peace God,

I also took devil off my planet...I look forward to building with you soon!