Sunday, December 10, 2006

Book by Lord Adeeb Shabazz Allah

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    A Book Whose Time Has Come! Longtime independent publisher and journalist Adeeb Shabazz has released his first book, What If God Were One Of Us? For those who thirst for more than the typical religious interpretations of our origin and nature as human beings, Shabazz offers an introspective look into ourselves from Biblical, Qur'anic and various other angles.A merger of metaphysical thought with common scriptural references so that no matter what your background you can grasp the content. Whether you are new to metaphysics and new age-type thought or well-read in the subject, you'll enjoy this book.

    An excerpt from What If God Were One Of Us? Who are you? Who are you really? Religious leaders tell us we are merely lowly creatures, created by an omnipotent God that lives in a realm we can never truly reach until we die, if we are of the fortunate ones. Scientists tell us we are merely the product of evolution and that our thought and intelligence is completely biologically based: developed in a random evolutionary process that has us where we are today. Many simply choose to accept these basic viewpoints, or variations within those frameworks to explain our existence. However for some, those explanations are seriously lacking, and in our case we seek a more complete definition and meaning for our lives. The Bible-which includes the Jewish Torah or Old Testament, and the Qur’an are the holy books of the Judeo-Christian and Muslim worlds, which have in total over 4 Billion adherents in some form, or more than two-thirds of the population of the world. The Baghavad Gita, the Vedic scripture of India, is a major staple of the Hindu religion, which claims nearly one Billion adherents and is the oldest organized religion in recorded history. The aforementioned collection of scripture covering the three largest religions is the basis for the beliefs of nearly 5 Billion people, or over 80% of the world’s population. Granted there is very powerful content in these scriptures, yet much of it has been “interpreted down” by religious leaders who either lacked understanding of the texts or desired to suppress the true meaning of these texts to utilize their power to make subjects of the adherents for political gain and power. Have we ever examined the scripture of our particular faith, or the faith of our ancestors, to really see what they say? Are there key elements that point to God being a human being, or at least directly accessible and knowable by a living human being? What was the essential message of Jesus, called the Christ, and was he also trying to get us to see the divinity within ourselves and exercise it to its fullness? Are we missing the point due to misinterpretation after misinterpretation that what we should be striving for is recognizing the god within? For more info go to

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amanda said...

This book was OUTSTANDING. I would suggest this as a great gift for anyone. The way Adeeb explains universal truths will not alienate anyone but actually allow them to see where they fit into the large scheme of things. Its very encouraging and positive. A great read and inspirational book full of wonderful jewels.